Following a series of structural and procedural changes across Creative, engagement was dropping. Rather than creating stronger collaboration between teams, competition and silo mentality was becoming an issue. The teams operate at a fast pace, perpetually delivering and managing brand perceptions on the front line, so a positive culture and good working relationships were imperative to maintain both internal productivity and external perceptions of the channel.


Empowering individuals to take ownership and drive the changes needed was vital, so ensuring that people felt recognised, involved, with a clear sense of their potential career progression was a key strategy.  

We initially worked with the leadership team of ITV Creative on managing change, team dynamics and building resilience, exploring how to communicate and lead though change, how to maintain creative integrity and self-balance in the face of contrasting priorities, and how to influence the very different personalities both within the team and amongst their wider stakeholders. 

Taking the output from those sessions we worked at team level to enable teams across creative, production, operations and events to reengage and become more collaborative and aligned in their approach. Again we focused on building relationships and personal resilience - how I manage myself through change, finding my mojo and building belief in why I do what I do, all designed to rebuild engagement and pull focus.


Over the course of a three-year relationship we witnessed the diverse and competitive teams come together and collaborate as one, and feel proud to have supported them along the way. The team is flying high and the channel is in a stronger position than ever. We're continuing to work alongside them and are currently engaged in evaluating overall programme impact. 


"The structure of the day and the way it was facilitated really enabled
the team to engage with what we were trying to achieve and helped them
create and define their own objectives and the wider team objectives."

"We have a team totally up for 2016, who are far more
understanding of each others' communication styles and motivation which
will lead to better working relationships and ultimately the output."