The Global Legal Team at Open Society Foundation (OSF) is based in three locations around the world: New York, Budapest and London. Annually they congregate to address key matters of business and reflect on their effectiveness as a team. With significant change around the corner, the 2016 retreat needed to focus on how they deal with change whilst keeping BAU on track. They were keen to ensure that everyone felt included, able to contribute and engaged in the change ahead.


In advance of the event, we worked with the Retreat Organising Committee to fine tune the flow of content, providing them with facilitation expertise and insight into how to maintain engagement and involvement during sessions. A key focus was to provide opportunities to integrate more fully the new team members and encourage an equality in contributions to group discussions. 

Throughout the retreat we ensured a diverse range of activities including coaching exercises, networking opportunities, sharing stories, creating a timeline of achievements, running an Open Space session on how to operate more as a global team and action planning.  As well as taking care of the overall facilitation, we ran sessions specifically focused on deepening the team’s understanding of the impact of change and building resilience strategies to help them prepare for the future. 

Following the retreat, we engaged the Retreat Organising Committee in a debrief to ensure actions were followed up and lessons learnt.


As one of the Lawyers noted “I think this is the first time we’ve done an activity were I heard everyone speak”, this was a significant milestone for the team! Over the course of the three-day retreat the team were stimulated, engaged and uplifted. They left with a multitude of incredible ideas and the motivation to match. Taking time to reflect restored their energy, putting them in a better position to face the frenzy that often accompanies change. They had also had an opportunity to bond more deeply, which inevitably eases working relationships when you are separated over space and time.