The Performance Cycle

When it comes to performance, there's always more to do - new goals to achieve, new challenges to overcome. Whether we're working one-on-one, with teams or across entire organisations our process is the same. 

  • Explore what's going on - what are the goals and drivers that create the need for change.

  • Engage hearts and minds, reigniting a sense of purpose and involvement in finding a solution that resonates personally. 

  • Equip people with the insight, tools and frameworks they need to make change tangible and achievable.

  • Embed new ways of working into habit and commitment to lock in transformation.

Each of us is unique; we engage with the idea of security and evolution in different ways. We communicate in different ways. We have different experiences and mindsets. 

At Agents of Change we focus on 3 key elements to ensure any change is sustainable:

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Our approach 23.jpg