Leading with Integrity

It's no secret that I'm a Liverpool fan, and never more so since the arrival of new manager Jürgen Klopp a year ago. I'd like to bottle what he does and sell it to some of the leaders we work with - he gives a masterclass in leadership, every day:

Chief exec Ian Ayre says (in the Guardian, Friday 7th October), “Jürgen wants to understand why or what you do in every situation. He’ll either adapt to it or say he doesn’t feel that works. He is very open and honest and it is very difficult to get in trouble if you’re open and honest. It sounds really simple, and it is.

I’d love to say he’s changed things by sprinkling magic dust but it really is very simple – good communication, good collaboration, good energy and good spirit. He’s an easy character to deal with. There’s no agenda and no ego – that’s not what the guy is about. You can say he’s one of the biggest managerial names in world football but it doesn’t play out that way and he doesn’t act that way. Externally there seems to be a general feeling among people of: ‘What are you hiding?’ But what you see is what you get. It is normal dealing with him. Whether you’re a steward in the tunnel at Anfield or the CEO, he’s the same with everyone.”

Our role at Agents of Change is to help people move beyond being controlled by ego and personal agendas, to truly connect with everyone they impact. From that point, as Jürgen is proving, there's no limit to potential, personally and organisationally.