Inside Out Living

We often talk about Agents of Change being more than simply a name - it's our strategy.

70% of change fails (and no one will admit to the cost implication of that). In our experience, there is often an over emphasis on where leaders want to get to, building an exciting vision of the future but forgetting to connect that with where people are now.

Our philosophy is to work with the agents of change that already exist in organisations, people like me that thrive on change and new, galvanising that energy to build a coalition of the willing. Engaging the early adopters, flipping the cynics to encourage them back from the dark side, inspiring the connectors to buzz; there is so much latent energy in organisations that can be directed to create successful, sustainable, embedded change.

I was reading an article about the importance of corporate values in Fast Company recently and they made a similar observation:

“For companies to truly close the chasm between their stated and lived values, they must enter the human psyche to extract excellence from the inside-out, not dictate it from outside-in. This requires organisations to pivot their approach: rather than get people to live the values, they should focus on the values that live in the people.”

It’s always good to know where you are aiming towards, and that has to be coupled with a recognition of where you are starting from, because some people won’t be in the same place as you, nor where you are assuming they are.