Tuning In

In a recent blog I talked about the importance of listening in our work and in coaching.

HBR did some research recently which yielded some interesting insights, particularly around the levels at which we can listen. Have a read here.

I remember being on a listening course years ago now and learning all about the different types of listening. I thought it then and I think it even more now - what a load of tosh! 

Listening is a fundamentally human activity. It’s simple: turn up, be really present and attentive.

I tend to baulk at too many models (although there are a few keys ones I return to again and again, for another blog perhaps). I think they connect to our heads rather than our intuition, form rules rather than permit imperfection and flexibility.

I know it’s challenging in this age of too much going on but being a great listener reaps more rewards than we can measure.