How much better would we be if our lives depended on it?

On Sunday I watched two aeroplanes perform a ballet in the sky, one of the most beautiful and moving displays of aerobatics I’ve ever seen. Seeing the two planes dancing, spinning, hovering and falling, working together in perfect harmony was mesmerising - and made me think about how we connect and work together as human beings.    

The effort that the two pilots have put into building trust and mutual understanding is enviable. If we spent even a fraction of their energy building trust and understanding of those around us, how much more effective could we be? 

To become great at whatever we do takes effort, courage and dedication. We need to constantly hone our skills, and work alongside others to encourage them to do the same. That’s where the magic happens - where good becomes great. 

There’s plenty of skin in the game when you’re an aerobatic pilot - your life depends on it, in fact. 

With as much as 83% of the world’s population disengaged (Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace Report, 2013) , it’s clear that many of our organisations fail to connect with their employees, allowing them to surf by without any real commitment, but for true engagement and happiness in whatever we do we need to be striving for more. 

How much better would we be if our lives depended on it?