Resilience: The Art of Getting Back Up

Back in 1997, Chumbawamba taught us the mantra "I get knocked down, but I get up again", but even 20 years later that's often easier said than done.  All kinds of hurdles, knock-backs and surprises can leave us feeling exhausted and uncertain of our next turn, unless we have the personal resources - the resilience - to keep going.

The turn of a new year tends to be an opportune time to reset and to take a fresh approach to achieving our goals, but many of us find that even with the best of intentions our resolutions are dead in the water before spring has sprung.

Why does this happen? I believe it's often because the first time we don't quite reach that height, or achieve that goal instead of seeing simply that we failed on this occasion, we see ourselves as a failure and therefore subconsciously believe we are incapable of ever succeeding. We lack the resilience to see that while we may have failed on the first attempt, we are not a failure.  It's a choice. We can either choose to give up / beat ourselves up / rail against the injustice of the world (delete as appropriate) or we can choose to get back up and redouble our efforts.

Very few people succeed first time - remember that as an inventor, Edison made over 1,000 unsuccessful attempts before successfully inventing the light bulb. Resilience is the skill to keep on keeping on, and its what makes the difference between the highly successful and the also-rans. 

The good thing is that resilience can be learned: it's a matter of mindset, and of how we see ourselves. In her excellent book Mindset, Dr. Carol Dweck explores many examples of successful sporting stars who through diligence, curiosity and a growth mindset succeed in the face of often overwhelming negativity, physical limitations and other barriers. 

Resilience and Performance is the focus of our first Breakfast of Change for 2017. A few tickets are still available here - come and join us to ensure that you can stay focused, motivated and invigorated for all of the year - and years - ahead.  

You're never gonna keep me down.