Random Acts of Kindness

In a week in which romantic love is celebrated across the globe it also happens to be Random Acts of Kindness week. The RAK Foundation believe in the power of kindness to change the way people see or experience the world – and we couldn't agree more.  From the 12-18 February we are invited to demonstrate love in its wider context – the love for our fellow man.

Kindness as enabler

Kindness might be less headline-grabbing than romantic love but it comes from the same heart-led place, and it is arguably as or more important for humanity.

There are over 7 billion of us on the planet, and in our self(ie)-obsessed world it's easy to forget the power of simple connections. A study in 2015 revealed Britain to be the loneliness capital of Europe with people less likely to know their neighbours or have strong friendships than anywhere else in the continent.

Rebuilding connections

Random Acts of Kindness week gives us the opportunity to reach out, to rebuild connections with each other.  And unlike its card-bearing, flower-waving sibling kindness doesn't come with a price tag attached.  

To recognise somebody, to pay them a complement, to offer a hand of support, a smile, an opportunity to laugh, to learn – kindness comes in many guises; it needn't be flashy and it shouldn't need a fanfare; kindness is quiet, it's simple, it's real. 

'Love makes the world go round' might be an overused and inaccurate cliché but it certainly helps us feel stronger and more connected as we spin through space and time.