Equality and the yin and yang of gender

In any of the work we do with teams of people, regardless of gender, it is diversity that is paramount; how do we catalyse the individual uniqueness within the team to enable greater collective success?

This is important when it comes to the gender discussion too. As men and women how do we harness both our masculine and feminine, the yin and the yang, to enable greater success? 

Rethinking Gender at Work

When women started entering the workforce in significant numbers it forced many organisations to examine gender. Through the decades the desire for equality has translated into a drive towards sameness - same numbers, same ways of doing things, same ways of thinking, same ways of leading, same measures of success.

Having grown up in a world structured by patriarchal systems, we are programmed to judge success in masculine terms - power, money, competition. What if we changed the criteria? Surely that would really create a shift in true gender equality?

What would it take?

We have to start from a place of valuing the contribution of the feminine. Success through fulfilment of purpose, greater connection and collaboration, sustainability of impact.

At AOC we're dedicated to being part of this conversation.

International Women’s Day

This Wednesday we're starting with women. We are creating a regular event to help every woman regardless of role to own the value of our different contributions.

The sessions will help build the strength to stand out rather than blend in. 

Guys - it's your turn next!