Invest In Yourself

I was running a workshop last week and when we were summarising our experiences at the end, one of the quieter participants summed up the reason it's such a privilege to do what we do at Agents of Change.

A smile started to appear at the corner of his mouth as he told us that he felt a newfound confidence in it being ok to be him - to trust his instincts and not to feel pressured to try to be like everyone else. 

It reminded me of the eecummings quote, "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."

It does take courage, and it takes time, and sometimes, provocation...and it's a job that's never done – no wonder many of us opt to bury our heads in the sand! 

Invest in yourself

It's courage and time that's well rewarded, however, if we choose to invest it. Life is easier when we're in our flow. Finding comfort in the skin we're in; finding joy in what we have to offer – that's the pay off for our investment. 

But taking time out from our hyper-speed lives can seem like a challenge – unless we make it a habit.

At Agents of Change we help people to create sustainable habits that enable them to build confidence in who they are today, and provide the tenacity to evolve into whoever they'll become tomorrow.


Try to take a moment each day this week to celebrate what's great about you - and watch the difference it makes to your confidence.