The foundation of success

A common thread runs through every successful relationship, team and organisation across the globe. If cultivated that thread will drive performance, productivity and success. If it’s neglected it will inhibit, fracture and fragment.

That thread is trust.
Trust is the glue in every relationship, and the significance of trust in business cannot be ignored. It’s fundamental to how we build relationships, break down barriers, cultivate collaboration, strengthen teams and drive engagement in the never-ending process of change.
When we build an organisation founded on trust, people are willing to step forward and offer their best. They come together around a shared purpose, take risks that foster innovation, and communicate openly and honestly. When trust is missing, employees jockey for position, play it safe, talk about – and not to – one another.

No wonder then that 45% of employees cite a lack of trust in leadership as the biggest issue impacting their work performance.
So how do we build trust?
Transparency – being open and honest – is the foundation of trust, but it’s not always the first path we choose – sometimes it’s easier to avoid the situation, fearing a negative reaction, or we prevaricate, believing we need to ‘play the game’.

So we cover-up our feelings, we fail to speak our truth – and in so doing we compromise trust. People are more astute than we think – they get the sense that we’re not being fully open with them, and as soon as this thought takes hold they start to withdraw and disengage. Instead of nurturing confidence we erode it, taking with it their commitment to work and the organisation.

We’d love you to join us for our next Breakfast of Change event where we will be exploring how we can build long-lasting trust through increased transparency.