Are you maximising the potential of your people?

Many organisations roll out the cliché that 'our people are our greatest asset', but how many of them really maximise the potential of those assets? 

In today’s business world, success depends on harnessing human potential. With research showing that highly engaged employees typically generate 43% more revenue it’s little wonder that improving engagement is a top priority for organisations.

A vital lever for achieving this, and one that is often under utilised, is by tapping into the power of employee voice. 

As employees, we need to feel recognised, like our voices are heard, and that they can make a difference. To do that we need to feel safe, so we need cultures founded on trust and transparency. But too often that trust is missing, so we keep mum, afraid to put our heads over the parapet for fear of encountering a ricocheting bullet. 

The power of employee voice

Successful organisations know how important it is to tap into the voice of their employees, contributing to innovation, productivity and output improvements, so they ensure there are effective mechanisms to communicate up, down and across – and ensure people feel safe to use them.

Those that don't create cultures of trust and openness not only invite employees to disengage, they waste valuable resources seeking competitive advantage elsewhere while ignoring the reservoir of untapped ideas at their feet. 

Harnessing employee voice

What that means for us, as leaders of organisations and teams, is that we have a responsibility to cultivate a culture of cross-communication, where employees feel like they can share their thoughts, ideas and worries, and know that they are heard.

To do that we need to lead by example, of course, ensuring we offer our voice whenever and wherever it's needed, and create the forum for others to do the same. And we need to encourage colleagues to find and use their voices at work. For some of us, speaking up is easier than others.

Discover more

On January 17th we’re running a breakfast workshop focused on helping people to find their voice and put it to work. Come and join us, or forward this to a colleague. It’ll give you a taste of what we do to support organisations such as Clear Channel, ITV and Coca-Cola, and you’ll leave with ideas and inspiration to create change in your corner of the world.

Put people first

In our rapidly evolving cultures, where emergent technologies are constantly shifting the needle, there are very few anchors that remain the same for very long. And with so many variables we can’t control, it’s essential we double down on those things we can.

By putting people first, by really listening, we can gain a competitive advantage that will differentiate us from the crowd, and enable us to better engage and retain employees, become more productive, and ultimately boost the bottom line.

Reserve your spot for the Breakfast of Change here.