Speak Up, Speak Out

It's doubtful many of us wake up saying “I hope my voice goes unheard today” but still we can find ourselves lost for words at times, kicking ourselves for staying silent when we should have spoken up. 

At one time or another we’ve all found ourselves stifling our own opinions, whether that’s because we lack confidence or because we’ve shared our thoughts before and been shot down by louder voices. But what's the cost?

Why should I speak up?

Hanging back and observing as everyone else speaks and shares ideas will make us feel like we have nothing useful to contribute, ebbing away at our self-confidence.

Instead of playing an active role in defining our own work life, we end up at the mercy of other people’s decisions, making us feel like a victim.

Whether we’re negotiating a raise, in a meeting with senior management, or simply sharing our ideas with the team, making our voice heard is one of the most critical parts of project confidence.

No matter what our role is, at some point in time we need to speak up, especially if we want to get ahead in our careers - it’s the single biggest thing that will get us noticed by senior management.

It will also do wonders for our motivation and productivity. There is a direct line between how much I feel my voice matters and how happy and engaged I feel – when we share our thoughts and ideas it’s that much easier to see how our contribution impacts the collective team effort.

Overcoming the challenge

But it’s not always easy. Sometimes life in the shadows feels more appealing than living out loud. Sometimes we prefer to play small for fear of rocking the boat. And that’s fine, if our goal to make ourselves invisible. But to occupy the space that the universe intended for us, we have a responsibility to speak up.

At our next Breakfast of Change we’ll be exploring how to uncover your voice, build your confidence and use it to affect change. So if you want to allow your ideas to be heard and your talent to shine, make sure you join us – tickets are available here.