Motivating Matters...

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Motivation is the springboard to success. It not only helps us to get out of bed and get ourselves into work each day, it helps us to realise our goals.  But what happens when we get to work depends on the culture and habits that we create for ourselves and those around us. 

A survey carried out by The Hays Group recently revealed that poorly motivated employees reduce productivity by nearly 50%. Finding out what motivates people and enabling them to spend more of their time doing it is clearly good for business. 

Of course, what motivates each of us varies - but tapping into that and ensuring that we create time to focus on it regularly helps us to stay on track. 

Regular one-to-ones are great opportunities for this, but there are many ways to lock in a routine. The key is finding the way that works for us - and making sure we do it! 

The Challenge

I love driving change - as an Agent of Change, that shouldn’t be surprising - and I’m motivated by creativity, so I’m constantly seeking to explore new solutions, different approaches. But I don’t always get it right - like most of us, when we’re busy or we lose focus it’s easy to get caught up in the hamster wheel and forget about why we do what we do. 

It’s only when I consciously take the time to remind myself about what’s important for me, and why it means so much that I can ensure I have the motivation needed to stay on track. 

Tapping into Motivation

What are your goals? What motivates you? Ensure you carve out time to focus on the stuff that gets your blood pumping, the stuff that motivates you. Try to do a little every day. If you lead a team, encourage them to do the same. 

Do it regularly and you’ll see the impact it has on our energy levels, on what we achieve and on how connected we feel to ourselves and to those around us.