Safe is Risky

risks .png

Sometimes the riskiest thing we can do is play it safe.  Choosing to stay in our comfort zone can become a prison - or worse. 

We’ve all heard the sorry tales of companies who became complacent, failed to innovate or capitalise on the gaps in their markets - which eventually led to their downfall.  

Remember Blockbuster - the former video rental industry leader? In the 1980s and early 90s, the brand was untouchable.

Come 1997 and the birth of the young upstart Netflix, Blockbuster happily remained in the safe zone that it had always known, a lack of vision and courage which ultimately led to their demise.  

Netflix instead took the risk of challenging the status quo and thinking one step ahead. And with a market capitalisation of $142 billion, it clearly reaped the rewards. 

So, what can we learn from Netflix’s success and Blockbuster's failure? Do we stay in our comfort zone too often? Could we be more courageous and daring with our choices? That crazy idea in the back of our heads could just be the spark we, or our organisations, need. 

So we have a responsibility to push the boundaries, to try new approaches and test out new ideas.