Learning for Growth


This week marks the celebration of Learning at Work Week, and as workplaces are rapidly evolving, we too need to continue to  develop and grow.

In the quest for competitiveness, companies are constantly looking to be the leanest, most effective, most productive they can be; versatile employees are the key to making this possible. And in today’s fast-paced working environments, dynamic, flexible employees are the most widely sought after.

So as we’re faced with constantly changing demands, it is important we maintain a focus on our own development - if we lose that drive and hunger to grow we risk being left behind.

Evolving Learning
Along with changing ways of working, ways of learning are evolving as well. As training budgets get ever smaller, the 70:20:10 model has served as a powerful guideline for organisations to maximise the effectiveness of their learning and development programmes. Long gone are the days of chalk and talk in dull grey rooms - we’re now able to learn from a plethora of different sources - whenever and wherever we need it.

With the growth of platforms such as Google and YouTube, we’ve never had such an array of opportunities to learn. In fact such ready access to learning is driving self-development, as 67% of people learn on mobile devices, and 80% choose to learn from Google, at the point of need.

Tapping Into Expertise
Our own colleagues are also a great source of learning – many of them have been there and done that. Finding ways to tap in to their knowledge and experience can help us to hone our own approach and discover new, more effective ways of doing what we do.

Opportunities for learning are all around us - we just need to recognise and capitalise on all that’s available. So how are you learning? And when?

The challenge of course, is time. It’s easy for our own development to slip down the agenda when things get busy. So with all the complex demands on our lives how do you ensure you regularly carve out time for your own personal development? 

Learning at Work Week is a great opportunity to take stock, to ensure we are putting our attention where we'll reap the greatest rewards.