Time Out?

space to think.jpg

I spent last weekend running a leadership retreat for a client in Budapest. Reflecting on the incredible progress this team made over two days reminded me of the benefits of taking teams offsite to talk about not just what we do but how we do it.

While some teams have more work to do than others, most will benefit from a schedule that purposefully mixes time offsite with on-the-job integration.

Here’s a quick download of some of the key outcomes that we help teams to achieve:

  • Build trust - People may work together for years but it sometimes takes an offsite retreat to establish deeper bonds and mutual understanding. Time spent together equals increased trust. People tend to reveal more of their true selves when they’re relieved from the day-to-day pressure of delivery - getting away from to-do lists helps your team relax, get to know one another, and connect in new ways.
  • Create a unified team - An agenda with some flex in it allows issues to surface and be resolved, helping build buy in for strategic direction and a common approach. Teams learn about each others' strengths and explore ways to improve how to work together productively.  Back at the office, you'll see quick results as your group works together toward a common goal.
  • Hone individual strengths - Getting away from it all gives your team a chance to hone individual strengths. Through team building activities, people can learn about each others’ strengths, explore ways of building on these skills, as well as how to apply them to contribute to the goals of the team.
  • Improve communication - How well you plan for and subsequently involve the wider team in your decision-making and retreat goals is proportional to how engaged they will be with them.  When your team gets the perspective from being away from the office internal communication improves - most teams report improved communication as a result of their enriched relationships.
  • Increase productivity - With leaders aligned, the rest of the organisations will will experience increased productivity as there is more of a sense of flow, with leaders and teams actively working together to offset obstacles.  Most leadership teams see greater efficiency as they return to the office and work together on their shared goals