What's the Value of Coaching?

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We lead frenetic lives, with many of us not taking the time to reflect on how or why we’re doing what we do. We spend our entire lives living inside our own heads and this can sometimes lead to self-imposed limitations.

Coaching provides the opportunity to take a step back and reflect, building greater self-awareness, and from there, the ability to shift our thinking, to adapt our behaviours.

We’ve been working with a coachee recently who was being incredibly hard on herself, beating herself up for every perceived imperfection. From that position of judgement it was very hard for her to create movement - so our goal was to help her to develop a kinder mindset to enable her to tackle her challenges more proactively.

At Agents of Change one of our mantras is to lead with curiosity over judgement. One benefit of this is increased kindness - to ourselves and to others.

Coaching has helped her to become more curious and less self-deprecating. By adopting a more pragmatic approach, taking a moment to reflect at the end of each day, she now jots down what’s gone well and what hasn’t. This physical list has helped her to become more aware of the stuff that’s going well, and observe, rather than judge what’s not gone so well. This helps to create a greater sense of balance and control - and the opportunity to recalibrate her approach each day - what can she do differently tomorrow to generate more successes?

What can coaching do for you?        

  • Coaching provides the opportunity to deepen our understanding of our motivations and habits, and explore ways to create new ones.

  • Coaching helps us to achieve our goals by breaking them down into manageable chunks and proactively working towards them.

  • Our engagement with our roles, our teams and our families can be transformed through coaching - allowing us to contribute more effectively, to feel happier and more fulfilled in ourselves.

We have a wide range of coaches and coaching packages available, get in touch if we can help you.