Does your past serve your future?

If you’ve not come across the work of Nic Askew before, prepare to fall in love. Nic created SoulBiographies and he works with people from all walks of life, helping them to share their life stories with utter authenticity and humanity coupled with style and sensitivity.

He sent me this one recently. Get a cup of tea, find yourself a quiet 10 mins, put it on full screen and enjoy uninterrupted (and if you are prone to tears like me, have a tissue handy!)

A Glimpse of Reality

A Glimpse of Reality

This piece got me thinking about all sorts of things; how important it is to give voice to our story, share it with others so that we can make sense of our experience; how we can let our past dictate our future, or not; how magical leaps of faith can be, and about our willingness to be certain about ourselves when all around us seems uncertain.

Through the work we do with leaders, in groups and one-to-one, we get to bear witness to the full range of stories that we carry around inside us and the power they have.

I imagine most of us have experienced self doubt, have felt the constraint of past experience on what we feel is possible for the future, or have felt unable to share what we really think or feel - for fear of… (feel free to insert your own version here but some of mine have included looking foolish, not being good/smart/likeable enough, being too much for people).

There can be no rights or wrongs in the stories we carry, but both consciously and unconsciously they have the power to dictate how we behave. 

Our ability to recognise the story, give voice to it, understand it and make a choice about it is vital. It’s the process that takes us into either limitation or fulfilment.

The Practice of Unhurried Leadership

We’ve created a workshop to make space for this process of noticing and being conscious of our habits and choices. With so much pace in our lives, many of our clients are desperate for an antidote and The Practice of Unhurried Leadership is just that.

Facilitated by me and our fellow Agent of Change Johnnie Moore, the workshop responds directly to the individual needs of the small group of participants. We’ll slow things down to allow time to pay attention to ourselves and our stories, and the impact they’re having, and work together to create stories that serve us and enable behaviours that means we bring our very best to how we lead (ourselves, other people or a business).

If you’ve had your fill of traditional leadership development, this human centred voyage of exploration might just be for you.