Wanna be starting something?

2016 was an outrageous year. A frenzy of change was whipped up in both the UK and the US, and by tapping into insecurities it scrabbled to seize control with clenched fists and fighting talk. 

And now we see the sorry results of that change: the ultimate symbol of the fragile ego expressing its fear through a language of hate and disconnection.

Thankfully there is another way, as reflected by the millions who took to the streets across the globe after Trump’s inauguration, as revealed by the men and women currently making their voices heard in airports and city centres across the US. 

Hate and fear and disconnection can’t be the winners here. We have the potential for so much more. So we have to reach deeper, each of us within ourselves, to unleash our love.

According to the Dalai Lama 'the world will be saved by Western women'. Here's the opportunity to start. After its debut for a major FTSE 100 organisation last year, we're proud to announce the launch of our brand new women's network.

SpeakEasy - Inspiring Women At Work

To our sisters – come and join us for breakfast on March 8th, International Women’s Day, to explore how as women we can create a different way of being in the world; starting with ourselves, inspiring those around us and transforming the world from within.

To our brothers – thanks for forwarding the details of this new women's network to anybody you think might value it.  

Further details and registration for the network are here: 

If the session isn't for you perhaps you know someone who'll benefit? Please share this message via any of the links below.

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