Employee engagement levels were down following a sustained bout of restructuring throughout Barclays Retail. The business needed to recapture its energy and human touch and so launched new suite of company behaviours to embody a warmer more personal approach.


People clearly needed to be at the heart and helping them get inside and take ownership of the behaviours was key.

Kicking off with a conference speech to the top 150, we then took to the road, delivering interactive seminars to senior leaders across the country. These events enabled the leaders to run workshops with their teams, embodying the new behaviours and engaging the wider workforce.

In tandem, we designed and delivered a year-long programme of trainer training focused on the specific skills needed to bring the behaviours to life in the learning environment. This culminated in a keynote speech at their Annual Training Conference entitled 'Be Inspired’.


The Leadership Roadshows were hugely successful, giving people both depth of understanding behind the new values and skills to own the messages to bring them life with authenticity. Leaders reported how being so engaged themselves, the job of cascading was easy; they were living it every day.

Nikki is a hugely inspiring individual in everything that she does. Her work transcends the business normality providing a new dimension and a fresh lens on what it takes to be a true performer in the chaotic, modern world that we all live in
— Stuart Bell, Head of UK Retail Learning and Development