Growing Influence at City & Guilds



City and Guilds are a global leader in skills development, providing services to training providers, employers, and trainees to meet the needs of today’s workplace.

We have supported their leadership development for over 4 years, via consultancy, workshops, coaching and other approaches.

Our Approach


Through interviews with key stakeholders we uncovered a desire to support women in pivotal roles within the organisation, in order to address a range of objectives:

  • Increasing personal profile

  • Enhancing influence and communication

  • Having a stronger voice in decision making

  • Leading a more collaborative approach

AOC designed a series of 2-day workshops which explored the roles that women play within C&G and how they could use their voice to create more of an impact. These workshops were facilitated by AOC and all future training material provided.


To engage the participants in the process and maximise on the face-to-face learning time, we asked the participants to analyse areas in which they would like to be more confident, and to come prepared with a message to be filmed on the day as well as to speak with key stakeholders to gather some feedback on how they are perceived. These activities got them thinking ahead of the event and also beginning to have difficult kinds of conversations.


We facilitated a series of 2-day workshops with the dual goals of addressing the core objectives and creating a network of talented women within the organisation. Connected Leader was an intimate experience enabling us to provide focus to the specific needs of each woman, supporting her with the development she most needed to unleash her potential.

Over the course of the 2 days we explored how to communicate ideas and opinions with belief and certitude, how to solidify confidence and master self-talk, how to appreciate personal strengths and ensure others see them and how to be an example for future leads in the organisation.


Each participant left the 2-day workshop with a specific set of actions to create a sustained shift in behaviour. Regular follow ups and network reinforcement have enabled the team to make great progress.

We have continued to monitor development periodically to measure the impact the work has had.


“Thank for so much for sharing your experience and super skills with me over the two days, I've spoken to literally everyone about how valuable I thought it was and it's been a fantastic experience to share with colleagues and my family.”

“I've been feeling more energised, more focused, confident and positive as a result and I can really feel the change. It's important that I find a way to spend my time where I can get the most value and give the most value so I've already been challenging this in meetings so feel more in control.”

“I've understood that it's about making changes for me and not moaning about things that I can't change! I'd like to share some of my experiences with my peers and manager so that we can have more awareness of each other.”  

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