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Welcome to the Managers' Toolkit.

Here you'll find everything you need to help you continue the conversations about Creating the Future Together with your team. Evolving into the organisation of the future with a culture that is both strong and flexible requires the engagement of everyone.

The purpose of the toolkit is to provide you with ideas and activities to integrate into your team meetings, or to create a team event. You know your team better than anyone so you'll be able to decide what they need most to help them develop and sustain a change mindset.

Don’t forget that this is also an opportunity for you to stretch your skills in leading change and creating different kinds of conversations that break down barriers and unlock potential. 


A few activities that you can integrate into your team meetings and events. Click the link to access activities and links to download and print. 


A selection of films to provide provocation for ideas and discussions around how to build and maintain trust, featuring inspiring thought leaders.

Facilitation tips

A few tips to enable you to develop your skills in facilitating conversations with your team to help get the most from your team session/s.

Becoming an Agent of Change

Are you putting your best foot forward - find out here. 

Brands that failed to innovate

We can't bring them back from the brink - but we can learn from their mistakes.

Downloads & Further Reading

Here are a range of resources for you to download, as well as a list of books we'd recommend.


Here is a link to resources, films, articles and ideas to support each of the webinars. 

Webinar One: Leading Through Uncertainty

Webinar One: Leading Through Uncertainty

Webinar Two: Compelling Communication

Webinar Two: Compelling Communication

Webinar Three: Resilience & Performance

Webinar Three: Resilience & Performance






Currently live: Leading Through Uncertainty





Currently live: Compelling Communication





Coming Soon: Resilience & Performance






Don't forget - you're not alone - we're creating the future together, after all. Connect with the colleagues you worked with on the CTFT Workshop, come along to a CTFT Workout, or enlist the help of your HR team.