Many businesses talk about needing better communication skills, but don't fully understand what that looks like - or the impact it can have on the bottom line.

The cornerstone of all successful business is great communication - at Agents of Change we help people become more effective, more confident and more compelling communicators.

We explore how to:

  • Unlock authentic communication
    Authenticity is the key to believability so we help people tap into their uniqueness.

  • Reveal the secrets of the masters
    Our deep technical know-how helps strengthen capability across all modes of communication.

  • Develop presence
    Physical, intellectual and emotional; we work to help people take up more space and ensure they’re being seen, heard and talked about.

  • Increase confidence 
    We help communicators expand their confidence in their ability to hold an audience’s attention.

  • Build inspiring content
    Helping communicators to balance the communication dynamic so that it is audience focused and engaging throughout.

  • Provide opportunities to stretch and practice
    Increased skill comes from stretching ourselves so we provide opportunities to step out of comfort zones and build muscle


  • Authentic, believable communication

  • More meaningful, audience-focused content

  • Heightened presence

  • Increased confidence

This was the best training session I have been on. I really enjoyed the depth we went into [...] and that it was a small intimate group which made it easier to be open and have a voice.

Thank you so much. Thank you for giving me the confidence to go back into the real world and “Stand up and be seen!”.
— Head of Content, ITV

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