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Here is another activity to help you to extend your learning beyond what we we covered in 2017.

Personal investment model

Every day we have a choice to bring with us either a positive or negative attitude, and we can apply to that attitude either a low or high amount of energy. Whatever state we arrive in will have implications to our own performance and that of those around us, so we need to ensure we understand our impact and what we can do to ensure it is a positive one. 

Activity: Personal Investment Model

Purpose: to identify where you and your team are currently and what you need to do to move towards or sustain more 'Player' Behaviour

QQ - Performance Culture MDP v3 copy Extract 2.001.png
  • Print off a copy of the worksheet 
  • Explain the two axes, and explore each of the elements, in the order of Cynic, Spectator, Victim, Player. Ask the team "What are we seeing/hearing when people are operating from each place?"
  • Ask the team to assess where they are spending most of the their time now.
  • Discuss: What has created that situation?
  • If the group is large enough break into four smaller groups, asking each to explore one of the four states - ask each group to contemplate and make notes - “What do we need to do in order to shift into more consistent player behaviour?” – Consider this from both a personal perspective (What do I need to do?) and also from a team perspective (“How do we need to work together to be more Player?).
  • Have a discussion in plenary with regard to the team question. Identify between 1-3 actions that you can all commit to.
  • Ask everyone to share 1 thing they are going to do personally that will help them maintain Player mode.
  • Add item to next team meeting to share progress.