Highly engaged organisations have twice the annual net profit than less engaged ones. They have 2.5x faster revenue growth, 40% lower staff turnover and up to 35% greater productivity. But still over 70% of us are not engaged at work.

We provide leaders and managers with practical tools to promote outstanding employee engagement within their organisations and teams, creating cultures that rock.

Some of the elements we explore include:

  • the core skills needed to engage a team

  • how to overcome the organisational barriers to engagement

  • defining a compelling organisational narrative

  • connecting the dots between values, vision, mission and the day-to-day

  • opportunities for people to come together and be heard


  • More authentic connections

  • Greater ownership and accountability, with a renewed focus on results

  • Teams that endure and that become the envy of the industry

  • Stronger organisational culture and performance

After the financial crisis and large amounts of organisational and regulatory change, our global team were feeling disconnected.

Simon worked with us over two years to unite the team behind a common mission and set of values, creating a more inclusive, involved team with much improved engagement.
— Tom Eagan, Managing Director, Credit Suisse