facilitation tips

Here are just a few hints and tips to help you develop you facilitation skills and get the most from your team session/s:

  • Timing is everything - choose a time slot when your team are going to be receptive. Opening a meeting with one of the activities is going to be easier than trying to squeeze it in at the end.
  • Be Prepared - take some time to plan through how you will set the session up, how you will run the activities and how you bring things to a close. Every one of us is able to perform better when we have made time to think things through.
  • Tell them why - being crystal clear on the purpose of the activity is important otherwise it will play on people’s minds and distract them.
  • Keep people focused - some of the activities and questions we’ve suggested here could ‘open up a can of worms’ or get people ‘heading off down rabbit holes’. It’s your role in this to keep people on track with the activity.
  • Ask don’t tell - resist the urge to answer the questions, lead with your opinion or dominate the conversation. These activities are designed for the engagement of your team and your job is to stimulate their thinking rather than provide yours (hold your tongue with your teeth if you have to!!!).
  • Enjoy - these activities do more than just the specific purpose that is articulated. They are a great opportunity for you and your team to connect and focus on how you do what you do.