Performance is the key indicator in the success of any team. Creating sustainable, high-performing teams is therefore the remit of any people manager. We explore how to create the conditions for high performance, and how to manage performance in good times and bad.

By the end of the workshop managers will be able to:

  • Understand their role in effective team performance

  • Assess and drive team performance based on the Hierarchy of High Performance

  • Identify ways to increase levels of trust and drive engagement and motivation

  • Manage performance conversations with ease

  • Develop effective Adult:Adult relationships


  • Highly effective, collaborative teams

  • Enhanced performance and results

  • Greater visibility and opportunities

  • An enhanced reputation and greater confidence

“Our team was struggling. [This] caused delays, frustration and unnecessary stress.  Individuals struggled to have the open conversations that build the trust needed to share the load.

Since the event green shoots of optimism, honesty and trust have appeared.

We have a realistic and solid foundation from which to build an even better team which is fit for the challenges that we face.”
— Phil Metcalfe, Deputy MD, QinetiQ

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