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We help to:

organisations in flow

Highly engaged organisations have twice the annual net profit than other organisations. 40% lower staff turnover. 2.5x faster revenue growth. The benefits go on...and impact every area of business.

We help organisations succeed by putting people at the heart of their strategy. We bring leaders, managers and their teams together to create connected cultures based on collaboration and communication. 

When people feel valued, they offer more. It's a simple equation that feeds each element of the People-Service-Profit Chain, enabling organisations to create an ongoing cycle of success.


Agents of Change is as much a strategy as it is a name. Our goal is to support the thinkers, feelers and doers in your organisation, driving change and engagement from within. Click through to discover more about who we are and why we do what we do. 


Business are waking up to the value of Engagement – the stats are clear – but many need support when it comes to influencing cultural change, which is why the right partner is essential. We take the time to understand your culture and only offer support where we can offer value.


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In working with Simon and Nikki we got much more than world-class programme designers and facilitators - we got true partners who supported us throughout the development process and beyond, providing welcome advice and direction...I’d recommend working with them to anyone.
— Melina Androutopoulou, Director of Communications, Coca-Cola