It is often your ability to influence others to your way of thinking and to persuade others to help you that contributes to delivering meaningful change in your organisation. We will help you to:

We explore how to:

  • Create strong levels of trust with your stakeholders and foster collaboration

  • Understand your own and other people’s differences in terms of drives, wants, needs and behaviours

  • Prepare and leverage your strategy successfully and avoid pitfalls and traps

  • Employ specific strategies for challenging behaviours

  • Enable others to take action and inspire a shared vision

  • Recognise resistance and transform it into a positive outcome and cooperation


The workshop will develop a practical approach that is right for you in order to win others more effectively to your way of thinking. Through this workshop you will build real and unique value, listen for mutliple perspectives and create trust-based relationships.

Nikki is ace.
— Peter brown