Building Communication and Influencing Skills


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Having set the ambition to be the best in-house creative agency, ITV Creative wanted to make sure they had the skills and culture to enable their success. Assured of their creative talents, what they needed to combine them with was confidence, strength of communication, influential reach and a united approach.

Agents of Change were engaged by the Executive Creative Director to create a programme of interventions which we delivered over the span of two years, working with the creative team leaders and the agency as a whole, embedding the behaviours needed to shine a light on their creative brilliance.

Our solution


  • Through a series of interviews with the leader of the ITV Creative team and key stakeholders, we identified that the highly talented creative team at ITV were underplaying their brilliance. Over time they had gotten themselves into a repeated pattern of behaviour meaning that they edited out their most creative, exciting ideas predicting that they would be unacceptable to their marketing and broadcast colleagues; giving up before they’d tried.


  • Working with the creative leads over a series of half day events we reconnected to the vision and mission that the team live by and focused on a number of core competencies that enable them to ignite passion and creativity through the wider team. These included building rock solid confidence, having difficult conversations and influencing with authenticity.


  • The following year we expanded out the development to include the whole creative team facilitating a day designed to relight the fire in their bellies and provide them with some core skills to take their most brilliant ideas and excite their stakeholders with them. ‘Selling the Sh*t Out of It’ was an inspiring and highly practical day of development which saw the participants workshopping ideas for current work to expand their creativity, experimenting with different ways to present their ideas with belief and credibility and develop ways to manage objections and influence decisions.


  • All the participants worked on a live presentation they needed to deliver shortly after the event. Having committed to rehearsing their presentations ahead of delivery and providing feedback to each other, they landed bigger bolder ideas to huge success. A specific example was the go ahead on a radical departure from the usual featuring of the celebrities to advertise Dancing on Ice to create this beautiful piece of work.

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