We help leaders and managers get under the skin of the human side of change to understand what’s needed to keep people moving forward and to lock in successful change.

It’s no secret that approximately 70% of change initiatives fail. Why? The main reasons that change fails are the human ones: employee resistance and lack of management support.

All change within business has a human factor. To change a process is relatively easy, but you have to engage people in that change for it to be successful – and that’s where a lot of organisations struggle.

Given that the pace of change shows no signs of diminishing, building skills in leading and managing change is one of the most urgent requirements for organisations today.

We explore how to:

  • Demystify the psychology of change

  • Build core skills needed to operate in our increasingly uncertain world

  • Become more agile and responsive to change

  • Develop the building blocks to create sustainable change

  • Create change environments in which people can thrive

  • Unlock what it takes to maintain resilience


  • Agile leaders who can work with the humanity of change

  • Peak performance and engagement during change

  • A clear process to keep change on track

  • Successful integration of change

Agents of Change supported us in creating lasting culture change. They really got under the skin of the organisation, creating a long term strategy that focused on helping managers and leaders across the business to connect - to their core purpose, to each other, and to the organisational goals.”
— Kate Douglas, HR Director, Clear Channel

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