Historically key partners to the Ministry of Defence, the challenge set for the Maritime team was to broaden commercial reach, shifting leadership styles from being operationally focused to a more strategic approach.

With ambitious growth targets, the leadership team was acutely aware that they needed to manage and grow themselves in order to lead the business to success.


We created a 10-month programme of bespoke development with the ultimate objective of shifting the team’s connection and performance from good to great. Combining group workshops (designed to focus on team practice and to develop new skills) and individual coaching (to embed learning and focus personal development within the team context), the key to success with this programme was remaining flexible and responsive throughout, designing learning that addressed real life needs and that moved in line with the team’s development.


We effected tangible change in some significant areas: 

  • Greater levels of trust between team members
  • Greater understanding of different view points and pressures
  • Greater openness in conversation
  • Greater ability to get to the heart of issues and do something about it
  • Frameworks for more effective working practices, e.g. meetings and decision making
  • Greater individual and team responsibility for driving success
Our team was struggling to get the benefits of working together and efficiently using our respective skills.  This caused delays, frustration and unnecessary stress.  Individuals worked even harder but struggled to have the open conversations that build the trust needed to share the load... Green shoots of optimism, honesty and trust have appeared.  There is a long way to go but we have a realistic and solid foundation from which to build an even better team which is fit for the challenges that we face.
— Phil Metcalfe, Deputy MD, Maritime