There are many factors involved in the best results when groups come together. We help to create and facilitate success by working closely with you to understand your desired outcome and shaping a framework that will get you there. Our skill at enabling conversations to flow builds openness, security and mutual understanding.  

Some of the elements we explore include:

  •  a fresh perspective to how the group is operating

  • the elements that are holding the group back, and the benefits of change

  • courageous conversations

  • new styles and channels of communication

  • pragmatic steps towards new approaches

  • ways to embed change


Groups come together, bonds are renewed, actions get determined and people return to the organisation reinvigorated and ready for action. 


AOC facilitators are great at engaging everyone in the group to open up, even when there is disagreement.

I was very satisfied with the dynamic and the way you brought the group together - we’re making good progress!

You were great at keeping us on track and making sure key meeting goals were met.
— Open Society Foundation, 2017